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Coca tea Sacred Herb from The Incas

.."Coca leaves were sacred to the ancient Incas and remain a cherished part of the lives of millions of Peruvians and South American Indians today... " 

Coca tea Leaf in its natural form is a useful stimulant with low abuse potential and a valuable herbal medicine , good for the treatment of many ailments. Also Coca tea for indigestion,gastritis,ulcers,hoaseness,sore in the mouth and other conditions. Beside, it contains many minerals and vitamins, including nutritionally significant amounts of vitamin C and E several B vitamins.... ( A gourmet Coca Taster's tour of Peru by Andrew Weil)

Traditional natural uses of coca tea as a stimulant( like coffee but Better) to overcome fatigue, hunger, and thirst. It is highly effective against altitude sickness. It also is used as an anesthetic for such ailments as headache, rheumatism, wounds and sores, etc. The coca tea leaf has been chewed and brewed for tea traditionally for centuries among its indigenous peoples in the Andean region. These forms of ingestion do not cause any harm and are beneficial to human health. Coca tea has many benefits: Energize, Stimulate Mental Alertness, Aid Weight Loss, Relieve Stress, Calm Allergies, Help the Immune System.

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